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I have had quite a divers journey up until now: a Science “Baccalauréat”, an English Degree delivered by La Sorbonne. Just like the next person, I need to earn a living so I do have small jobs to cover my fees and to live a little. It taught me a valuable lesson: if you want something, though the road may be tuff, thanks to perseverance, you get it. I always loved going around Paris' streets to find the nicest beads and material and get back home with all these little gems.
All the items are handcrafted by me - each single piece goes for a long process before you can find it in my shop.

That is how this shop grows and maybe one day, I would love to live of selling beautiful things and writing whatever I want on the internet (especially about pretty things).
At one point, it just so happened that I really had far to many creations and pieces of jewelry for myself. Hence I took my favorite ones and opened this shop on Etsy. If I enjoy something that I make maybe one of you might as well.

Every piece is handmade with love and care, one at a time, at my small studio.
    As soon as I opened it, my ideas came even more present and numerous therefore I went on searching for finer and better things and it became my Treasure Island.
A similar shop can now also be found on A Little Market.

And now, thanks to this blog, this name is also associated with the several themes & sections around which my interests and life are turning. Each time a new blogpost comes out, you know directly what it is going to be about by the first word in capitals, though I always try to make them short.

The advices I give are things that I have found in books, on the internet by talking to people and that worked for me. I am in no way a professional and as anything on the internet, do take advices and inputs through the scope of your own judgement, this "filter" is what makes elements and informations you read part of your identity and make you grow.


So many things but I just couldn't pick.
  • Beauty which I love and is now very interesting within all the searches and studies I went through when I evoke something in my blog. Some articles are direct reviews of a product, some are detailed tutorials for different occasions and some are more on the health and skincare side because most of the beauty comes from the skin and taking good care of yourself.
  • Read are around which I play to give you my favorite books, gift ideas and book events.
  • Life is a section I have on my blog because I always enjoyed seeing how a house can become and turned into a home. It can be selection articles or series of advices and "how-to"s for the house.
  • Movie night! When I just saw a movie I think is worth the while, I give you my opinion on it with a few pictures.
  • Fashion is a theme I enjoy though it is mainly articulated around hauls and selections.
  • Perfume is a peculiar section because I do love fragrances but I find difficult to describe them. Therefore, I take the time to describe a perfume at a time and sometimes, do a paper on a perfume maker in particular.

  • Food is a bit of a different section where I review places in Paris when I go to new restaurant, bistrot or cafés so that you might give them a try or at times it is just to give you an article about a cake, a dish or a drink I especially enjoy.
  • French is the alarm for anyone of you not speaking french to not read. Once in a while, I write in my mother's tongue and more or less philosophically reflect on things.

Though I have written many blog posts since even Myspace became popular, here, I actually do it on a regular basis. I dearly hope I will manage to keep up doing it daily as I did lately because I enjoy myself so much and it is very interesting and fulfilling. Though I work at home I spend about 5 to 6 hour a day (if not more) entirely working and reading for the blog, videos and the feed for the Instagram and Pinterest. I dearly hope at least someone out there enjoys it as much as I do.


Parisian for as long as I can remember, I spent all of my wednesdays from 4 to 15 years old studying and "making" art at the modern art museum, Centre Georges Pompidou. I also took a week training for calligraphy in the Medieval town of Provins and studied theater for 5 years.

 My mother and I always went around Barbès and every bead and fabric store of Paris to find all the treasures they held within. After being a waitress for a year and a half during my studies, i really wanted to do something else, something new, something crafty and that I would really enjoy. So here I am, following my boyfriend's advice to have a little shop and I dearly hope at least someone can enjoy it.


I started my channel and posting videos on YouTUBE in 2008 (I just can't believe it has been this long). I always found YouTUBE's entertainment more to my taste then TV. obviously the filters aren't there and some people's opinions can be shocking and you need to select much more but through this selection comes a content which can be exactly to your own liking and this is real perfectly shaped entertainment.

I have no idea to whom I could be entertaining. However, I know I enjoy making videos. Wether they are reviews, DIYs, Hauls, Chitchat or whatever comes through my twisted mind, I knock myself out. Therefore, I really hope to put something of some use out there. Thanks to the Blog and Videos, I did so much research and seen so many thing than I use to. This at least makes it worth while.

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