mercredi 27 janvier 2016

Entertain: Binge Watching (some might be shameful... I am not)

New Girl
This show is so cool, I have no idea how I only discovered it last week: 
It's brillant, the characters are well designed, and that Nick and Jess storyline is everything!
Plus Jess oddly ressembles me (to a huge extent).
The Mindy Project
She's funny, she is a real girl!
Her voice is so annoying though.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt
It's well written and has basically, a joke per line.
Thanks Tina Fey for this odd little delight.
Hart Of Dixie
The girliest show here and somehow, I am interested...
The classics:

11 Seasons it has been going on.... 
Do I need another reason to explain why I like it?
Gilmore Girls

My everlasting "Chouchou".
Best dialogue, best relationships, not enough of Jess and too much Logan.

The Nanny
It's too old, you can feel the years past by each time you watch it,
but the jokes are golden and the characters are all perfect.
Doctor Who (Eccleston & Tennant)
Classic is the right word for it. Since then they are trying to get the same level of awesomness they achieved there but, I can already tell you, it's very unlikely to happen!
Lost in Austen

It's a lovely and different look on Pride and Prejudice which is normally not my favourite Austen's novel because let's admit Mr.Darcy is a complete and utter ass. But extremely handsome and attractive in this one.

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