dimanche 10 janvier 2016

BLOG: Working Girl

   As I previously said: I was suppose to write quite a bit more for you, on this blog. As you noticed, I didn't do the best job of it. It just so happened that I got a lot of work and books to go through.
In a never ending effort to keep the rythm of my life flowing, I watched so many movies old and new, read so many lines, listened to so much music and worked so much.

  You may say my fight against sadness has maid me quite a productive woman. I wish it wasn't so but it always has been. My will to do anything and the pace at which I am doing it is strongly in correlation with my low self estime and general unhappiness fighting.

  I cannot believe I would be the only one to function this way, however, as a rule I never assume my own condition corresponds in any way, shape or form to somebody else's. Contrary to what people who pretend to know me think, I am a very positive and happy person. Like anyone else, I can be let down and sad but my approach to life and new experiences is all about being positive, to the point that I am silly and foolish in a way. If it speaks to you, maybe I am not that alone.
    I will leave you now to get on with translations, teaching work and figuring out how to fix the plumbing...

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