lundi 4 janvier 2016

Beauty: Winter Morning Routine

   When it comes to the brands of the products I tend to use, I don't think (for the sake of this article) that it is that needed for me to give them to you. They are plenty of varieties out there which serve their purpose just as well one or the other.
First of all, even through winter times, I think it is important to wake up, straight away. The snooze button used to be my biggest enemy. Without having to be brutal with your own body and soul, you do need to wake up in one go.

I prefer tea to coffee for the morning because of the hydration it procures. I don't have any real favourites. I like to reach for different ones not to get too use to one of them.

To star up fresh, a good shower.
Then, to get rid of the calcium deposit, I use a flower water or a tonic lotion with a cotton ball on my face. While it sinks in a little I use body lotion or body butter depending on how dry my skin feels.
If there still is a little water on my face, I tap it off.
Then I apply two drop of serum all over my face and décolleté followed by my day cream.
To be entirely honest, my make up very often is composed of lip balm and a tab of eye shadow.

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