mercredi 27 janvier 2016

Entertain: Binge Watching (some might be shameful... I am not)

New Girl
This show is so cool, I have no idea how I only discovered it last week: 
It's brillant, the characters are well designed, and that Nick and Jess storyline is everything!
Plus Jess oddly ressembles me (to a huge extent).
The Mindy Project
She's funny, she is a real girl!
Her voice is so annoying though.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt
It's well written and has basically, a joke per line.
Thanks Tina Fey for this odd little delight.
Hart Of Dixie
The girliest show here and somehow, I am interested...
The classics:

11 Seasons it has been going on.... 
Do I need another reason to explain why I like it?
Gilmore Girls

My everlasting "Chouchou".
Best dialogue, best relationships, not enough of Jess and too much Logan.

The Nanny
It's too old, you can feel the years past by each time you watch it,
but the jokes are golden and the characters are all perfect.
Doctor Who (Eccleston & Tennant)
Classic is the right word for it. Since then they are trying to get the same level of awesomness they achieved there but, I can already tell you, it's very unlikely to happen!
Lost in Austen

It's a lovely and different look on Pride and Prejudice which is normally not my favourite Austen's novel because let's admit Mr.Darcy is a complete and utter ass. But extremely handsome and attractive in this one.

mardi 26 janvier 2016

Entertain: Klaus Nomi

There are a lot of artists I could listen to forever. Not this one.
     I love him. His voice is transcendance. You cannot listen to him without feeling something in the depth of your insides. It will move you, if not his pop style, the Cold Song is most incredible.
This is his particular brand of weirdness and it is different melodic and searched for.
If you are more of a sceptic, you cannot deny the talent within this song.
It is in french and I apologize to anyone reading those words and who does speak the language.

lundi 25 janvier 2016

Blog: Don't stir the past

    We all have different perceptions of what life is to be like. The truth in these perceptions is absolut. Whether we are close to reality in these is completely irrelevant.
   This is one of the main reasons why we have this phrase of "doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons". My argumentation is aiming at explaining why you shouldn't under any circumstances look back look back too much or regret. It is bound for you to happen. The past should only give us advice on how to proceed later on and not be a terrible weight which can never be lifted.
   Once you have this figured out, your journey will be smoother. Meditation tends to be a good way, to excercise yourself, to release this tension; I haven't mentionned meditation on this blog for a while but I do apply it to my life every single day. At the end of the day, you need to be able to do a short recap of your strongest emotions; embracing the good ones, understanding the bads.
   One doesn't have to be sitting ib the lotus position with an absolute clear mind. As I already mentionned, part of my family is from the Alps and if there is one place on earth that I would consider as close to nothingness, it is to be in the middle of the snow, on a mountain, the only noises being the ones of your body gliding ever so lightly on it.
   I normally lie down to do so. My back aches quite a little too much for me to be comfortable while being sitted. Sometimes, to achieve the zen and calm attitude, a few minutes are suffissant and sitting wouldn't be anissue. However, when it goes on for longer than 10 minutes, it is better not to be distracted by your outer shell.
   Once the recapitulation is done and that I am at peace with myself and my passions then we are back on track for a good life and a good present.

Carpe Diem

vendredi 22 janvier 2016

Entertain: What I listened to in 2015

Here is a little pleasure for your ears... or not. But it was definitely my jam last year (and I will keep on listening)

THE band of the year for me was Imagine Dragons BIG TIME!

Than there is the guilty pleasure which goes by the name of Taylor Swift even if I feel like she definitely stole the Lana Del Rey style for this one... Might explain why I like it...
Weirdly enough I spent much more time listening to Ryan Adams' 1989: 
I normally love his original works but his interpretation of this album is simply brillant.
Than comes the "getting stuck in your head" song of 2015:

mardi 19 janvier 2016

On My Pinterest January 2016

Lately my images are truely all about the beauty and grown up looking pictures...
Here is the lovely Stevie Nicks that I probably pinned because 
I was listening to Fleetwood Mac's Big Love a lot
These boots are simply to die for.
Well, it is winter...
For Alan
For David and Liz
Oh Come On! No way you are that cute!
Dream Bookshelf
Walk the way to sucess
Getting older by the minute, I do like broochs next to my pinback buttons.
Cute little tea set for a change
The hotty I kept on looking at those past months.
You have no idea being that hot!

mardi 12 janvier 2016

Fashion: Grown Up Clothes On Sale!

Whether or not I buy things, I spend an aweful long time online browsing the shopping websites. 
I came to realize that last season was very classy: by looking at the items on sale that is.
I picked tops all about the lace and the softness on Asos. 
It is very Gatsby and I feel anyone would agree that 
these look like pieces which put a look together.
Anthropologie always tends to create clothes which seem a little faded and out of time.
That dress is especially beautiful!
Topshop went for a very 60's/70's vibe.
What I selected though is particularly detailed.
More classic than those pieces would be difficult to find.
Apart from the little lacy top, I feel like these are beautiful, all year round clothes.

lundi 11 janvier 2016

Hommage: David Bowie

I was about to write about nonsensical things again but I learned David Bowie was gone and it is one of those deaths that affect me though I didn't know that man. 
However, I loved his vibe, his music,
His look.
His odd non-sexualy defined personnality.
His style.
His unearthliness...

dimanche 10 janvier 2016

BLOG: Working Girl

   As I previously said: I was suppose to write quite a bit more for you, on this blog. As you noticed, I didn't do the best job of it. It just so happened that I got a lot of work and books to go through.
In a never ending effort to keep the rythm of my life flowing, I watched so many movies old and new, read so many lines, listened to so much music and worked so much.

  You may say my fight against sadness has maid me quite a productive woman. I wish it wasn't so but it always has been. My will to do anything and the pace at which I am doing it is strongly in correlation with my low self estime and general unhappiness fighting.

  I cannot believe I would be the only one to function this way, however, as a rule I never assume my own condition corresponds in any way, shape or form to somebody else's. Contrary to what people who pretend to know me think, I am a very positive and happy person. Like anyone else, I can be let down and sad but my approach to life and new experiences is all about being positive, to the point that I am silly and foolish in a way. If it speaks to you, maybe I am not that alone.
    I will leave you now to get on with translations, teaching work and figuring out how to fix the plumbing...

jeudi 7 janvier 2016

Entertain: Far From The Madding Crowd

The very first time I ever heard of this story, I was quite too old, to my own admission, to have been oblivious of this book.
It's all about the position of women, farming, having far too many guys around...
If you are in anyway into period dramas, this has been filmed for you!
Mathias Schoenaert is quite a looker and 
his character is a true Prince Charming without the bullshit.
The scenery is breathtaking and, as usual in this type of cinematography,
it acts as an actual character because of all of the emotional mess that is delt with
the lanscape puts perspective onto it. 
One of the best soundtrack to come my way in a long time...
Thank you Thomas Hardy for such a breathtaking tale.

mardi 5 janvier 2016

Fashion: The outer shell

 Be who you want to be.
 Everyone is telling you this but when guys realize Imight be wearing more hipsters than thongs, they either think that I am the least sexy creature on the face of the earth or they are legitimately frightened by my confidence. 
I have always been known as the "colorful girl". My sense of fashion could be simplified by "buying what I like" and "grabbing what ever comes first in the wardrobe".
 Today's fashion advice is:
Be yourself and don't be afraid neither to be different nor to wear the same as your neighbour.
People will love you for who you are, all of who you are.

lundi 4 janvier 2016

Beauty: Winter Morning Routine

   When it comes to the brands of the products I tend to use, I don't think (for the sake of this article) that it is that needed for me to give them to you. They are plenty of varieties out there which serve their purpose just as well one or the other.
First of all, even through winter times, I think it is important to wake up, straight away. The snooze button used to be my biggest enemy. Without having to be brutal with your own body and soul, you do need to wake up in one go.

I prefer tea to coffee for the morning because of the hydration it procures. I don't have any real favourites. I like to reach for different ones not to get too use to one of them.

To star up fresh, a good shower.
Then, to get rid of the calcium deposit, I use a flower water or a tonic lotion with a cotton ball on my face. While it sinks in a little I use body lotion or body butter depending on how dry my skin feels.
If there still is a little water on my face, I tap it off.
Then I apply two drop of serum all over my face and décolleté followed by my day cream.
To be entirely honest, my make up very often is composed of lip balm and a tab of eye shadow.