mercredi 30 décembre 2015

Beauty: Skincare La Roseraie

I already talked to you about Le Couvent Des Minimes. 
However, I fell for the roses and coming from me it is just like saying that I have decided to be old.

The serum promises to be "regenerating" which basically means replumping. It does the job wonderfully. I have used it only for a week but I truely can feel a difference and it does wonders for my dry patches. The scent is very nice especially for the night time rituals. Two drops do the trick, I tap the product onto my face. My skin still feels even more comfortable when I add up a little jojoba oil as well (around 2 drop for my entire face).

The moisturizing fluid is equally as good as the serum. It is quite a potent day cream but it might be a little too light for a night cream in winter. This obviously, is only the opinion I have upon the subject in regard to my own skin. One pompe for the daytime and two for the night. As I always do, I massage it very well into my skin until it is fully absorbed. Not only is this doing wanders with the action of the product but it also is quite calming and relaxing.

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