lundi 28 septembre 2015

BLOG: How Mozart Saved My Pen

Hey guys,

I am back. 
   To write this little blog post, I thought I needed music.
   It just so happens that I do happen to be a writer; whenever I have the time. If you actually think about it, for a second, taking two full hours for yourself perday is quite natural and helps your balance spiritual, mental and even physical.
   Therefore, I came to the conclusion that there was no way I couldn't find time to write my blogposts every day of the week. However, another problem appeared.
I normally used to write well only when i was subject to fairly strong feelings and mostly when I happened to be sad. Nothing terrible within that fact, but you do understand that can become a problem if my goal is to write every single day and that I like to be overall happy.
   Luckly, I have found somewhat of a decoy for my brain to get into  writing once again: Mozart.

   Let us say, though my love for Mozart is quite enormous, that some other music can serve the same purpose but he has most power over my mental.

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