mercredi 30 septembre 2015

BLOG: Belonging

   When you are to face any group of people, you are bound to either fit in or being different. The one who does fit in is also often the one being called "normal" where as the other one is "weird". Technically, for yourself to feel good, you would need to be in the normal category.
   In an idealized world, the only opinion one should care about, is oneself's. This is somehow impossible excepted if you are a hermit which is more and more difficult to be seing that the population of the world is growing exponentially.

   Coming to this conclusion, which has been pointed out to me by my better half: the survival of the fitest nowadays has nothing to do with being fit be rather with fiting in.
Therefore, to be the happiest version of yourself is now to find a group of people within whom you have to proceed to the smallest modification possible to fit in and if you are lucky, you might even find a person who is willing to be with or around you without you having to change one single thing.

mardi 29 septembre 2015

FASHION: Autumn Selection (On The Vintagy Side)

A while ago, when I was still good at posting blog posts on a regular basis, I loved to do my selections and to be honest it is still a hobby of mine.
It is like have a collection of clothes without spending any money; And lately, seeing the money I get through my job, not spending money is quite the attractive notion.

Here are my picks for this lovely autumn collections
(click onto the pictures to see them bigger)

lundi 28 septembre 2015

BLOG: How Mozart Saved My Pen

Hey guys,

I am back. 
   To write this little blog post, I thought I needed music.
   It just so happens that I do happen to be a writer; whenever I have the time. If you actually think about it, for a second, taking two full hours for yourself perday is quite natural and helps your balance spiritual, mental and even physical.
   Therefore, I came to the conclusion that there was no way I couldn't find time to write my blogposts every day of the week. However, another problem appeared.
I normally used to write well only when i was subject to fairly strong feelings and mostly when I happened to be sad. Nothing terrible within that fact, but you do understand that can become a problem if my goal is to write every single day and that I like to be overall happy.
   Luckly, I have found somewhat of a decoy for my brain to get into  writing once again: Mozart.

   Let us say, though my love for Mozart is quite enormous, that some other music can serve the same purpose but he has most power over my mental.