vendredi 20 mars 2015

MOVIE: Paddington

 The story of a cute bear lost in London... Simple, cute and efficient. Somehow when you lay out the settings, characters and the story, the chances of it being the biggest flop in history of flops was rather high. However, it's not and  instead it is a very lovely story, well maid and genuily funny. I realise that you might not be directly attracted to this movie; the matter of fact is I personnaly wasn't but it is besides the point. This is a story a little bit out of time and out of this world. Once, again after Winnie The Pooh, here is a bear with a "big" voice and a real back story.
  I would have loved to watch this movie around Christmas time... As a french person, as I was watching, I discovered the story as well, which was very rewarding.

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