jeudi 12 mars 2015

DRINKS: Hot Stuff!

As you know from some of my videos and lately from my Weekly Vlogs,
I love hot drinks.
For me, it isn't just for the winter but all year round. 
These two I mention today are really lovely and I actually just finished the chocolate;
The tea is my second pot.
This chocolate was a little treat right after Christmas to not let the season die and to fight back the cold which installed itself throughout the months of January and February in Paris.
It is very nice but now that I finished it I place a vanilla stick in it and some poulain cocoa powder that my grandmother use to buy for us in it. It taste a little better if I may say so myself and the memory joining the drink is even so sweeter that I like it better.

For a tea to be repurchased by me means 
either that it is really cheap and that way I don't feel guilty drinking my four to five cups a day (along my water and coffee)
or that it really tastes so freaking good.
More than simply be good, this tea happens to smell incredidle. the flowers and fruity notes in it come from the Jardin de La Reine from Versailles which is why it is called Thé Marie-Antoinette. I am not especially a black person but this one is fabulous.

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