mercredi 4 mars 2015

BLOG: Headaches and crisis

When I write on this blog about yoga, herbal teas and relaxation, it is more or less in a self help manner than anything. You might think it is ironical that a person who writes on how-to feel good and relax is actually stressed out all of the time but I just find it to be a necessary good.
I don't know if I am suffering of any particular afflection. It would seem nowadays that we all do. I feel it might simply be because we don't have time to be melancholic. While browsing on Pinterest, I found a few "recipes" for homemade balm to sooth headaches. 3Do you believe it works at all?" is the most asked question. My friend who see me reading and playing around with essential oils, for the main part, very sceptical. I have no way to explain f it does work or not.

Though I have been bred with anti-biotics and I think you sometimes need chimical medecine when a strong illness strikes. I do enjoy the thought of a more natural and herbal medecine.
The best medecine is warmth, rest and water. As I tend to be very sensible to fragrances, I have witnessed that, on me at least, essential oils do work quite beneficially.
Inspired by my Badger's Balms, I am right now working on formulas with shea butter and soy wax, As soon as I am happy with what I created I will give you the recipes here or through a video.

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