lundi 2 mars 2015

BEAUTY: The ugly 9 to 5 Makeup Truth

The simpler,the better.
For the overall of 2 years of blogging and 5 years of interest in beauty, I managed to realize the several issues about the tidious and large amount of makeup most beauty gurus use and apply onto their faces.

Though I did stress out several times, that my mother was a big fan of the layering method before it was all the rage. some beauty products are the ones used by every woman going to work and having to look sharp. They are easily kept on well all day. But there are not a million products which make your face fantastic the way Youtubers and Bloggers tell you.

The things you will NEED for a worry free make up :

A BB cream
Optional: Powder to keep the skin from going oily
Two Nude Eyeshadows (one light, one dark)
Pencil Liner
A Nude Lipstick or a Gloss

I didn't put any mascara in there because I am still to find a mascara which does hold on and doesn't transfer or leak throughout the day; I apply it at 8 in the morning and it has to stay put until 9 at night, when I make it back home.

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