lundi 23 mars 2015

BEAUTY: Sephora dark Circle Concealer

My favourite Concealer so far is the one coming in stick form from Rimmel. Actually, when it comes to old faithfuls for my face and foundation, Rimmel is rather up there. However, seeing that this specific concealer from Sephora reminded me a lot of the Touche éclat by Yves Saint Laurent, I decided to give it a shot.
I picked up their lightest shade. It comes in this twisty tube form which is actually rather clean. You can either apply it directly onto your skin or onto your hand and use a buffying brush or a beauty blender to apply it to your face.
It blends well into your skin however I have found, though I did powder it that it really went into my undereye wrinkle though I didn't put that much on. To fix it, I put my Stay Matte powder on after having removed whatever matter had set into my wrinkles.
Overall, though it looks illuminazing and very nice right after applying make up, I am going back to my old concealer or I will be very careful when applying it and of the effects it gives throughout the day.

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