lundi 9 février 2015

REVIEW: Bourjois Smoky Rose

   My very first encounter with a smoky palette such as this one from Bourjois was a while ago when a friend of mine gave me hers saying that she was far from being impressed by them. The main problem with it was the pigmentation.
    When it comes to this precise palette, the pigmentation isn't the best. It isn't because shades are very close to my skin tone that they should be so faded (the way they are on the photo above) after going through the eyeshadow several times. The use to this palette is, therefore, logical and obvious to me: it should be used be younger girls or women who are "afraid by makeup nd don't want it to show up to much. I have used it for a look to go to work and the result was so subtle that I feel I probably would have been better of not wearing any makeup.
   Yes, here is my first fairly negativ review on a product but I think it really looks nice and it makes it even more deciving.

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