vendredi 6 février 2015

READ: Long Way Round

I love motorbike stiries and road trips. This is for that very same reason that I loved Zen and The Art Motorcycle Maintenance. I do also like Ewan Mcgregor very much. I don't really have a particular reason to but I always enjoyed his acting and the roles he picked so there you go.
The "story" of Long Way Round would be appealing to many people I feel, whether or not you enjoyed bikes or Ewan Mcgregor. I read it many a time and thought it was about time I wrote about it here. To be entirely honest with you, I actually thought I already had done so.
    When I was little, my dad and I always went to the Salon du Livre in Paris and he would find books he could read to me before bed time. One of the books I really enjoyed was the one written by ya couple we met at this Salon and who had been around the world. Though that book was actually not as good to my taste, it was the premise to a lot of reading of world tour adventures. Of course a book I always did enjoy reading was Le Tour Du Monde en 80 Jours.
    What I am trying to say is that I love both around the world adventures and motorbikes.
If this book had been bad, I would have still liked it. And it is actually good. 

    It is the conversation in between Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boormanall throughout there tour around the world. They leave from Europe to end up in New york by going through Ukraine, Kazakstan, Russia, Asia, Canada and the US. While doing some research for this article, I discovered it also had been a documentary however, I still haven't seen it and still really enjoyed the book.

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