jeudi 12 février 2015

FOOD in Paris: Café Carette

Sunday afternoon, 5 p.m. at café Carette.
Let's start by saying that, this was an alternative to our beloved la Durée from saint-Germain. My best friend, very nicely, picked the location. Leaving the house, I looked like an esquimo seeing that it was around 2 degrees out.
I didn't know what to expect, but after walking in the cold wind and thin rain, I was ready for a hot coffee and a few sweets. It was in deed quite a nice treat.

My friend got the Mont Blanc which is a speciality maid out of chestnut purée topped with a lovely iced chesnut), 5 macarons and a nice and cosy hot chocolate: She needed her sugar.
And so did I as I opted for 2 vanilla macarons, a small raspberry pie and a double expresso because I love my coffee and often find hot chocolate a "home" treat as I cannot possibily move within the next hour or more of drinking one of these.

I was very pleased with their presentation,tea cups and their plates sets. My Austenian self was quite rewarded as it was somehow simple especially when compared to La Durée or Angelina's shiny sets and my other recommended bistrots with stylish, design-like dishes.
There was something rewarding and comfroting in simple pink and blue small flowers dancing around on our table and a little bouquet center piece as well.

25 Place Des Vosges
75003 Paris

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