vendredi 20 février 2015

ENTERTAIN: Mini Disney Castles...

If you ever go to Disneyland Paris, you obviously will go for the grownup rides if you are amongst friends and if you have kids or if like me, you have been going there since you were a child, you "have to" go on the smaller people rides. Two of these are hidden in Fantasy Land and only open in spring and summer. However, they are accelerating to me and sweet. They are up there with the Peter pan ride, which always has thousands of people in line. The little Circus Train and The Fairytale Boat truely are the balm when you are a kid because of the reconstitution in miniature form of some awesome Disney movie "sets" The music is also playing in the background, literally: in the bushes and trees. Here are the three lands which always did it for me. 

Fantasia has mainly to do with the fact that I never was that mezmerized by a vilain ever before especially considering the fact it doesn't even speak. This might actually be the main reason why he is so scary.

Next is obviously the Beauty and The Beast, my favourite Disney movie, and now that I am grown up, it is probably why I love Jane Eyre in the first place. This pretty little village with Belle reading to the sheeps is adorable.

Lastly my boyish self had to include the little Mermaid because of the Castle/Pier and the boat. It is the smallest and cutest things which make me happy and magical.

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