vendredi 27 février 2015


    Once in a while, you go to the movies and you see something that somehow speaks to you. Laggies is not the best movie which was ever made. However, it treats of something that I find important to touch on. Throughout our youth, we feel and we are maid to feel that our lives are going to change. We are going to be grown-ups and we will know what we want and who we are.
    I am certain that a category of people know exactly where they come from and what they want. However, that personnality trait didn't come over night. These people were just organised people to start with. These people used to rule over the playground and run their own little group.
   When i saw Laggies, the first thing which poped into my mind was Garden State. A story about people lost in their minds and in their lives.
   The thing about Laggies is mainly that we are always surrounded by the same people and it is with changing those surroundings that we evolved. That is what is important. Growing up is one thing but what is true and almost tangeable is evolution, change and, of course, true friends who are not waiting anything from you and who do not expect anything but your love and who give you support.

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  1. Yes, certain movies can touch us deeply - to the core. In fact, they can change our life. Sounds like a great movie :)