mercredi 18 février 2015

BLOG: Rochester Syndrom

The one of many Rochester symptomes has to be one which struck you once. Many characters in literature, male or female that is, are built around general human behaviors.When writing the story of a romantic conotation, the characters have to be written with one or several qualities which we link naturally to people we love.
If you put aside cheesy aspect of the perfect man. What I think makes the power of a character is the fact that you would like him or her just the same whether they are beautiful or plain.
When you read a book and you find yourself in the same sort of entanglement as you can have with a real human being which makes you find him attractive just by the type of character: That is truly beautifully written. This is how Captain Wentworth, Gilbert Markam and obviously, Edward Rochester were created.
It works the other way around; hateful characters who makes us tensed and annoyed are written just as well if not even better but today I am mainly writing about the lovely ones.

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