mercredi 4 février 2015

BLOG: On The Bus

The ride can get so wabbly!
I don't know why really, but it is agreable to feel the soft rolling effect working its soothing magic on us. The bus is also the place where I wrote some of my longest articles.
The streets of Paris passing by my eyes with a grace and patience which is quite inhumain.They are not liveless or sad. But,especially on sunday mornings, they leave the same familiar feel, the same regular comfort that some things can last.
If you are in a rush, and if life is getting too fast, put your head up and look at the walls, the houses, the window sills and reflect on how long it took to carve this particular face or volute, these leaves...

Of course, you can continue, be on your way, fast because of that meeting, the start of your shift, school is soon over and you have to be there for your kids.
But, what if if you take a minute to stop or if you leave a little earlier. You might just have time to enjoy the ride.

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