mercredi 11 février 2015

BLOG: La Défense At Night

Throughout my life, I always lived close to la Défense but I never really went there.
As I was having brunch with friends, they were talking about what to visit in Paris and said that next time, they should go to la Défense, to see it. I have to say, it would be the last place I would show to friends visiting Paris.
I never went there that often because I never was attracted to it. The reason why talk to you about it now is because I work there. This is a major feature about la Défense though its architecture is amazing and very different to classic Paris and more like the City or Manhattan. 
The same thing happens with any place really. When you get used to it and know your way around, a place gains a familiarity which makes it frienly and allows you to look around and, in this case of la Défense, look up. 
If anything, this place is hiny by day and throughout my weely commuting, I see the towers from a distance on the other side of the Seine. They look so futuristic and odd next to the "old stones".
At night though, the neighbourhood is glowing in the dark. You can see people still working in the offices at the top of the towers and everyone is walking fast towards the metros.
I walk with my grocery bag and my work done and over with. This, obviously, makes the scenery much nicer and more appealing. When I arrived there, in the afternoon, small flakes were falling down and, though, you might consider me like a city girl, it was the first time I ever saw snow without any trees or signs of nature.

I am  already enstranged by the fact that nowadays even the smallest ad in the metro is a screen with a moving image. But having the simplest naure, generally magic, phenomenon happening in the least natural place there is, is a little too much of an enstrangement to me. 

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