lundi 2 février 2015

BEAUTY: Homemade Oil Make Up Remover

If you are more into those things, the video will be up on Wednesday.

However, here my own little recipe for an easy
 and skin friendly Oil Makeup Remover 
which is very nice and organic if you pick your oils.


15mL of Apricot Oil
15mL of Avocado Oil
15mL of Jojoba Oil
10 to 12 drops of Vitamin E

How to Use It

To use it, simply massage it all over your face. To get rid of your mascara (waterproof or not), massage your eyes and eyelashes well.
Then takes a wet clothe (my personal favourite is linen) and wash it off. It is very hydrating and leaves your skin both clean and nourished.

Voili Voilou.

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