mardi 13 janvier 2015

READ: Books, a reflection

Not very long ago, I posted a video about a series of books I got over December and which I obviously subsequently read.
I did explain how I did enjoy these romantic reads and I am notashamed to say it again. However, irt can to my mind that it might be a good time for a little taste of reality. When you let your brain go about too many books and spend too much time with Miss Austen and Brontés, you might forget the essence of what these stories are... Stories, Novels and most importantly fictions.
I loose myself a little from time to time but I can assure you that I never forget that this is fiction.
Everyone, especially women, need to be reminded of it.
Today is the day to be happy and to do so, you need to live in the here and now; i am not suggesting that your friends and partner should be and is allowed to be the worst version possible of themselves but maybe give them some slack when they end up not being as amazing as people in your books.
And they always will.

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