vendredi 23 janvier 2015

MOVIE NIGHT! A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I am unbelievably late in watching this particular movie however I wanted to give you a little article about it.
The first reason to watch this movie is to be listening to Jude Law's amazing voice as the narrator of this enstranging story.
Second Reason: See a beautiful half man half woman Greg Fergusson whom I really like.
Third Reason: Witness a real vilain trying so hard (and sometimes succeeding).
Fourth Reason: Don't be a chicken and live!
Fifth reason: You can learn so much from books.
Sixth Reason: The amazingly beautiful scenery and design properly Steampunk.
Seventh Reason: You might learn to appreciate Snakes.
Eighth Reason: Don't talk to babies as if they didn't understand you.
Last Reason: Always invent your way out of bad situations.

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