lundi 26 janvier 2015

FRAGRANCE: Botanical Cologne of The Missions from Le Couvent des Minimes

I always really enjoyed this scent. I never got around to buy anything from the range for some reason. 

However, in october of last year, I did buy the soap from the collection to go on holiday with and that I used as regular soap and shower gel. It worked wonders as it is a "pain de douche" more than simply a soap. I therefore got around to get their cologne which is so light and refreshing as soon as you get off the shower that I love it even more.

 The scent was brilliant and stuck to my skin more like a light perfume rather than actual perfume. The major notes which can be smelled are Benjoin and Vanilla which maid me smell very edible.
If you are looking for a girly scent though I have to warn you that the date written on the bottle (1862) it is a very ancient scent. Classic if you want.

I am, as you know by now, a lover of scent. They always bring us to the most magical places. Though I still love my Anais Anais Premier Délice or my Tentation de Nina which are very sweet fragrances, maid for younger women (which I am still part of), my nose and senses go towards more universal and eternal scents lately. This one from the Couvent Des Minimes is a very peculiar favourite of mine.

The little extra story which might not speak to you is also that there is a travelling idea behind wearing this cologne first because I associate it to my holidays in Corsica and because of its name "Eau Des Missions" which make me think of far away lands and The Piano Lesson and The Scarlett Letter.

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