jeudi 15 janvier 2015

DRINK: Vanilla Almond Milk...

Cow's milk isn't good for you.
Maybe. However I love it. 
I never as it was much of an issue considering that I don't put milk into my tea or coffee and that I don't drink glasses of it. I, on the other hand have to admit butter, cheese and cream are some aliments I could not do without. Furthermore, I have started eating porridge again and the fluffiness you get when you use cows milk is impossible to get with vegetable milk.

This being said i love to try new things and one shouldn't say they don't like it until they have tried it. Therefore, I have tried this little baby tetra pack of Vanilla almond milk. Why vanilla? I said I was trying new things but no need for me to dive into full on not fun organic vegetable milk. Let me dream still.

Taste: An earthy and watery taste to start with and it ends on a vanilla note, very comforting.
Consistancy: It is a very liquidy texture, I would compare to water.
Comparison: It feels less rich of an aliment, much less creamy and heavy.
Aftermath: You feel much "lighter" than when you drink cows milk.
It feel like you didn't drink anything.

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