mardi 6 janvier 2015

BLOG: While a Guitar Gently Weeps

Rather difficult task on today's schedule:
 Explain the awesomness of a wheeping guitar onto your mind and body. Rock'n'Roll is my Yoga at times.
Which music speaks most to you? I love hard beats from dance, hip hop and electro for cardio but I would not listen to it at any time of the day. however, smooth (or not so smooth) rock and folk music are my jam. This is once again, showing how generic my tastes are. Liking folk is like saying I like to like.But I assume it is safe to say in a non-grammaticaly correct way, that I am a folk entity.
Instade of loosing myself in my usual mess of words which I try to put within sentences, let me tell you which sound is the sweetest to my ears:

(in no particular order)
Nick Drake
JJ Cale
Chris Daughtry
Elliott Smith
Peter Frampton
Chris Isaak
Eric Clapton
Tommy Bolin
Led Zeppelin
David Bowie
Pete Murray
Ben Folds
John Frusciante
Jeff Beck
Fleetwood Mac
Stevie Nicks

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