mercredi 21 janvier 2015

BLOG: Looking for something for boys or for girls?

I like to think that there are no movies or books more oriented towards woman or towards men. However, many times, I have felt it wasn't true. Today, I was watching Fury... Actually, let me rephrase, my boyfriend was watching Fury (a war movie set during WW2 about a tank team starring Brad Pitt) and I was naturally interested as well. This movie, however, has to be a tad too manly to my taste and the oddest thing happens when I am confronted to a book or a movie of the sort. It makes me angry or more likely, annoyed. It is a frustration I generally get when I am talking to someone and that their opinion is so far away from mine that I close myself to the possibility I might be wrong and it makes me very stubborn manner.

Why is it that we don't appreciate everythingg and every manner of thoughts?That, in itself, is the reason why I get annoyed. Otherwise, there is also the small possibility that the book or movie I am interested in is purposely made to annoy me which could very well be the case.
I feel that if I want to follow my moto (Today is the day to feel good.), I have to open my mind.
It would also be much easier to simply not care and let it go but it actually isn't that easy either nor interesting.

Try to love as many things as possible, and if you don't manage to, at least, keep things interesting.

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