mercredi 28 janvier 2015

BLOG: A little overkill

It takes no genius to see that the world we are living in is far from a pinterest shot.
It is not bubbly and fun. People loathe people and though, we find satisfaction in the fact that we call ourselves civilised, we are still animals: pron to love,hate, feel as strongly, if not even in a stronger fashion, than we ever did now that we are polite about it.

Today's article is about love. Each and every one of us probably hurt someone one day, willingly or not, but we still did. I feel we are simply too many.

The world is too small and we are too few to get the luxury to be the best version of ourselves.

Just smile as much as you can, to the risk of looking like a simpleton. Don't be cheap on compliments.Be friendly and understanding. There will always be terrible people. You can not change this fact. But you can help youself and others by being your best possible self.

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