vendredi 9 janvier 2015

BEAUTY: My Homemade BB Cream (Recipe and Review)

There is no proper order in which I place the products in my Rowenta Naturalis but here are the products and the quantities I use. All of the products come from Aromazone and some of them can be also found on Iherb and in Naturalia shops.
My only advice would be to put the dry ingredient first.

Emulsifiant Coeur de Crème 5 mL
Huile végétale Abricot 4.5 mL
Eau de source 40 mL
Actif Cosmétique Vitamin C 10 mL
Actif Cosmetique Anti-Rides 10 gouttes
Base de teint Rosé 1 pincée
Conservateur Cosgard 6 gouttes
Vitamin E 6 gouttes

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