lundi 12 janvier 2015

BEAUTY: Estée Lauder Overall Review

My first purchase from Estée Lauder products.
I can only say that the pigmentation is quite nice and the texture is really agreable.
However, I don't think it justifies the price though the packaging is quite beautiful.
I put it on on Sunday afternoon and it held on until Friday night.
So, to my opinion, that really is one of the best.
The tint is Bête Noire (love the name).
Here is Forbidden Apple Vvid Shine Lipstick.
I have to say I didn't pick the best shade for my complexion:
too dark, too brown, too glittery.
If I am honest,though, and judging fairly:
I enjoy the formula and the color has many different layers to it
just like the nail polish.
Though I am currently working at my own homemade serum,
I cannot lie by saying this is the best serum I ever tried.
My skin has less spots and is deeply hydrated.

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