vendredi 30 janvier 2015

Entertain: The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

I love Jane Eyre. And I don't love it because I saw a movie but because I read the book.
I first "met" this young woman when I was 8 years old. I instantly loved her.
A simple girl with the worst youth and a strong mind of her own: what is there not to love?
I don't want to spoil any of it for you.
However, what I want to write here hasn't much to do with the story itself more than with the ideas and actors used in this adaptation.
The main actress playing Jane says from the start that her inspiration comes from the Lizzie Benett Diaries. But, I have to say, though I love Pride and Prejudice, I didn't get caught by the Lizzie Benett Diaries. Anyhow, I still enjoy the fact that it led to this webseries which I watched all the way through.
I came back from work one evening around 7pm, ate my dinner (as I was on my own) with the SacconeJoly on; it is my little ritual. Then, at 7: 30, I spotted Episode 1 of the Autobiography of Jane Eyre on my "What to Watch" page. I opened it and watched the entire playlist in one go.
When it was around 4am, I did go to bed with the satisfaction of having watched all of it.
From this aspect, it reminds me an awful lot of a book. I often cannot bring myself to put my books down. The adaptation part is very well done, though I thought at the start that the complete removal of the character of Mrs. Fairfax would be a problem. Grace Poole is very well written just as Jane and Mr.Rochester. Adele's differences in charactermakes her more relatable and logical in a story set nowadays.
I do feel like a warning for Jane Eyre Afficionados has to be put foward. The ending within this webseries is not as rewarding as the ending of the book or other adaptations are. Somehow, maybe because I know the story so well, it doesn't bother me. The story is about a strong woman with her "own will" so, if you look at it this way, it is quite a good ending.

jeudi 29 janvier 2015

Food In Paris: Le Zimmer

On one cold evening, my mother and I decided to go for a little before dinner coffee at the Zimmer.
This Café is situated right next to the Théatre du Chatelet, in front of la place du Chatelet.
It also happens to be very good looking and the walls are a work of art. I suspect that this café, like many in Paris, has the sort of walls which cannot be retouched and the ceiling is a thing of beauty. You can look at the "scenery" the same way you would objects from the Louvre.
Now, enough chit chat and let's talk about wht is interesting: the café gourmet.
As I was talking and fairly hungry, I forgot to take a picture of it. However, it was your classic café gourmand with a baby crème brulée, a macaron, a chocolate mousse, a cannelé, a piece of pie and, obviously, an expresso. I still think it is the best choice to make if you want to make yourself an opinion of a place.
The food was overall good. Nothing ground breaking but nice and sugary. Quite comforting and exactly wht I needed after a fairly long day. If you are looking for a nice place around the Chatelet to either grab a bite or a coffee, go no further. I want to give a shout out to the servers who were the nicest and most efficient possible.

1 place Du Chatelet

mercredi 28 janvier 2015

BLOG: A little overkill

It takes no genius to see that the world we are living in is far from a pinterest shot.
It is not bubbly and fun. People loathe people and though, we find satisfaction in the fact that we call ourselves civilised, we are still animals: pron to love,hate, feel as strongly, if not even in a stronger fashion, than we ever did now that we are polite about it.

Today's article is about love. Each and every one of us probably hurt someone one day, willingly or not, but we still did. I feel we are simply too many.

The world is too small and we are too few to get the luxury to be the best version of ourselves.

Just smile as much as you can, to the risk of looking like a simpleton. Don't be cheap on compliments.Be friendly and understanding. There will always be terrible people. You can not change this fact. But you can help youself and others by being your best possible self.

mardi 27 janvier 2015

lundi 26 janvier 2015

FRAGRANCE: Botanical Cologne of The Missions from Le Couvent des Minimes

I always really enjoyed this scent. I never got around to buy anything from the range for some reason. 

However, in october of last year, I did buy the soap from the collection to go on holiday with and that I used as regular soap and shower gel. It worked wonders as it is a "pain de douche" more than simply a soap. I therefore got around to get their cologne which is so light and refreshing as soon as you get off the shower that I love it even more.

 The scent was brilliant and stuck to my skin more like a light perfume rather than actual perfume. The major notes which can be smelled are Benjoin and Vanilla which maid me smell very edible.
If you are looking for a girly scent though I have to warn you that the date written on the bottle (1862) it is a very ancient scent. Classic if you want.

I am, as you know by now, a lover of scent. They always bring us to the most magical places. Though I still love my Anais Anais Premier Délice or my Tentation de Nina which are very sweet fragrances, maid for younger women (which I am still part of), my nose and senses go towards more universal and eternal scents lately. This one from the Couvent Des Minimes is a very peculiar favourite of mine.

The little extra story which might not speak to you is also that there is a travelling idea behind wearing this cologne first because I associate it to my holidays in Corsica and because of its name "Eau Des Missions" which make me think of far away lands and The Piano Lesson and The Scarlett Letter.

vendredi 23 janvier 2015

MOVIE NIGHT! A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I am unbelievably late in watching this particular movie however I wanted to give you a little article about it.
The first reason to watch this movie is to be listening to Jude Law's amazing voice as the narrator of this enstranging story.
Second Reason: See a beautiful half man half woman Greg Fergusson whom I really like.
Third Reason: Witness a real vilain trying so hard (and sometimes succeeding).
Fourth Reason: Don't be a chicken and live!
Fifth reason: You can learn so much from books.
Sixth Reason: The amazingly beautiful scenery and design properly Steampunk.
Seventh Reason: You might learn to appreciate Snakes.
Eighth Reason: Don't talk to babies as if they didn't understand you.
Last Reason: Always invent your way out of bad situations.

jeudi 22 janvier 2015

FOOD: The Best Porridge I ever ate

I am rather a porridge girl but I used to just have the plain quacker oats with some maple syrul or honey and this is THE BALM! I highy recommend this little porridge with cinnamon,apple and raisins (though I normally don't enjoy raisins much).

mercredi 21 janvier 2015

BLOG: Looking for something for boys or for girls?

I like to think that there are no movies or books more oriented towards woman or towards men. However, many times, I have felt it wasn't true. Today, I was watching Fury... Actually, let me rephrase, my boyfriend was watching Fury (a war movie set during WW2 about a tank team starring Brad Pitt) and I was naturally interested as well. This movie, however, has to be a tad too manly to my taste and the oddest thing happens when I am confronted to a book or a movie of the sort. It makes me angry or more likely, annoyed. It is a frustration I generally get when I am talking to someone and that their opinion is so far away from mine that I close myself to the possibility I might be wrong and it makes me very stubborn manner.

Why is it that we don't appreciate everythingg and every manner of thoughts?That, in itself, is the reason why I get annoyed. Otherwise, there is also the small possibility that the book or movie I am interested in is purposely made to annoy me which could very well be the case.
I feel that if I want to follow my moto (Today is the day to feel good.), I have to open my mind.
It would also be much easier to simply not care and let it go but it actually isn't that easy either nor interesting.

Try to love as many things as possible, and if you don't manage to, at least, keep things interesting.

mardi 20 janvier 2015

FASHION: More Cath Kidston

Yes, if you do follow my instagram, you already know this, but I fell head over hills for the Sales at Cath Kidston and I am sooo happy about the bunch of stuff I got. If you want to see more pictures it laying in my house, keep an eye out on my instagram next to my now favourite for more than a year Mushroom mug.
I just love her designs. It is as simple as that.

lundi 19 janvier 2015

BEAUTY: Coffee

Here is a selection of Coffee Beauty. I have coffee on my mind lately!
Cream and coffee
Coffee Shimmer
Revlon Colorstay Coffee Bean
Hawaiian Coffee
Milani Coffee Shop
The name is not Coffee related but Come on!
Tarte Quad
Morning Mocha
Revlon Coffee Bean again