mercredi 3 décembre 2014

BLOG: The me time TAG

What do you watch or read during Me-time?
Crime, Fantasy or Girly Books and Girlie Movies.
What do you wear?
Undiz fluffy top or Etam Lingerie fluffy stuff.
Me time products?
All natural: Soap to clean my face and right after, Jojoba Oil.
What do you eat or drink?
Tea, especially Lipton Strawberry Cupcake Green Tea, and Chocolate.
Current favourite candle?
Silent Night by Bridgewater candle company.
Thoughts on outdoor Me-Time?
I love it when it is not crowded, it makes me forget about every little problem.
Would you go to the movies alone?
I would and i already did many times. It is just not the same experience than with people; When you are on your own you really get entirely into the movie.
Favourite online shops? 
Amazon, Boohoo and Etsy.
Anything to add?
I love to write and to cook to release the left over pressure of the day or the week.

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