lundi 29 décembre 2014

BEAUTY: Mr.Feel Good by Benefit

I have now used it only for a week. 
However, I really enjoyed the softeness of my skin.
Somehow, I feel this product is more of a summer essential rather than winter, as I am far from being a party animal I rarely sweat or have a grassy face in winter.
Just like I don't feel the need to powder my face when it is cold, the priming with a silicon base is not especially required.
This being said, The product at hand is doing its job rather well.
The only backdrop to Dr.Feelgood is that it is in a pot and that the applier is a sponge.
Except if you are very clean within its use, I fear it could get very dirty, very fast.
The packaging is nice and practical to look at and in theory but in practice, I am doubtful.

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