mercredi 10 décembre 2014

BEAUTY: Glitter Bomb Nail Polishes by Rimmel

To all of you girls out there, we all love shiny things.
However, if there is something I don't like is to struggle forever to take off my nail polish. Glitter nail polish take a very long time andeffort to take off.
But with the holidays, I am happy to make this extra effort to get festive and shimmery. And I have found the perfect glitters.
To make it easier I use them as top coat and never apply them directly onto my nails. Rimmel has come up with several Glitter Bomb Nail Polishes which are a mix of small and large glitters within a clear polish. 
My two favourites are Disco diva maid out of rose gold shimmers and the most christmassy of them all: Midnight Mistletoe, maid out of green and red glitters.
They are looking good and I really enjoy the variations in shapes and sizes of the glitters. And somehow, it is fairly easy to get the right amount of shimmer all over your nails without having very dens and very sparce patchs.

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