vendredi 21 novembre 2014

READ: The Great Christmas Knit Off

As I was walking around W.H. Smith, I bumped into that book in the Christmas section. You can check my instagram to see which other books I got that day.
To be entirely honest it is the cover which attracted me in the first place. The title was a bit intriging and, though I had heard of the trend, I wasn't that much the knitting kind. Knitting is the thing my grandma spent a fair amount of time teaching me but I stoped myself to canva. I now saw and work with felted wool. It is good enough for me.

Anyhow, one of my friends has picked up knitting therefore, I thought it was funny to find this particular book.
It is the story of poor Sybil who hasn't had the best of ucks as of lately. Her fiancé left her at the altar to run off with her twin sister (Rude!) and she did something very wrong at her work and can't go back for a while.
Though there is a love story, the book is mainly about girl power and taking over your own life, rather than finding Mister Right. However, if it happens in the process, it's always nice.
Add a cup of coco to your read and you are assured an amazing cosy week-end.

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