jeudi 27 novembre 2014

READ: Breakfast At Darcy's by Ali McNamara

Girlier than girly, this bok I am writing about today is one very feel good read. 

Darcy is a young fashionable woman who only thinks about fashion and beauty with brands in mind. her old aunt dies and Darcy gets into quite an odd adventure to get her aunt's inheritance.
What I enjoyed in that read is the surprising idea the author has had.
What I didn't enjoy as much, from his first occurance is Connor's character.
Of course, there are always characters you don't like but I feel like it is a bit sloppy of the writer to have left him this way and not to have tried to make us like him a bit more than we do.
It is however a very enjoyable book.
Very girl oriented, very sweet, it is good and you will have a great cosy afternoon with this book in hand.

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