lundi 17 novembre 2014

HEALTH: Sleeping Beauty...?

I have had a cold lately.
It doesn't seem to want to go away and the weather deciding to switch every five minutes is not helping. I even ended up crying because my bag in which I had all of my groceries burst in the middle of a train station. Yep, it happened and though I am a major cryer, on a regular basis and outside of my home, I wouldn't have lost it.

Vitamins, lemon juice, magnesium and zinc are definitely supplements which would have helped me keeping my calm. But here is a breaking news for you: the best medecine comes from sleep and excercice. 
I know it, we all know it and we still go to bed to insane hours and forget about doing our sport session. If you remember at the start of this year I took up yoga. Since my muscles are often sore and I am constantly stressed out, it was the best thing ever. But from doing it every day for six months, I am now doing it "if I find time" once to twice week.
Finally, sleeping is the best thing for our body. Even more so when it is cold outside and that a little bit of primarial hibernation takes over our brains and bodies.
So best advice to you, to be the best and strongest version of you rself is to sleep whenever you can and as long as it is possible.

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