vendredi 17 octobre 2014

READ: Teatime à Londres

I was walking around Paris and came across a very nice little bookshop called Librairie Fontaine.
As many bookshops do, they had a small stand outside, on the sidewalk and were selling cheaper books there.
Tea Time à Londres is a nice little book which comes with a few small trinkets.  Though it is fairly thin the book includes a lot of classics and the basis to the desserts and tea treats you can get in british cooking.
To me, these recipes are classics comfort food. I have tried a few of them since I got the book and they all worked out pretty well. My favourite part about the extras in the box have to be the cookie cutters which I will use even more for Christmas cookies. And on the practical side, I really enjoy the tea when I make it with the little strainer which came with.

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