vendredi 31 octobre 2014

READ: Sentimental Education

As I was talking to an american friend of mine, I learnt that it was suprising, from a foreigner's perspective, to see people reading classics in the metro. What was chocking to her sense was that these people were not students or people who had to read these books. I am not a truly good example considering that I studied literature and I wanted to have a job in relation with books. However, I still have my moments, grabbing a classic and spending an evening or three to four hours during the day for a good read. I don't need that much sleep; it might help.
It is quite depressing to me to hear how many people nowadays say that they wish they could read more but that they simply don't have the time. Obviously, with all of the distractions given to us, we literally don't have as much time as before.Every single time I forget about reading, I take a book learn all over again how to read. Rythm is different, words as well.
And here is Sentimental Education by Gustave Flaubert.
It was my first classic. The first I truly appreciated. I was supposed to like some other books better but just like I did when reading Jane Eyre, I read about a man who was my ideal. this might sound stupid but I think it is a real argument. If I can relate to a character in such an old book, I feel like it is reason enough for you to read it.
The other element which makes Sentimentale Eductaion special in my mind are the places described and talked about throughout the pages which are familiar to me and somehow reassuring.
Go and read it. This is an entire love education that you might get out of this book.

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