jeudi 9 octobre 2014

FOOD: What I Should Eat and Everyday Meal

 Yes, I am certain there are some awesome women out there with life styles looking like an Instagram account and Women's Health Magazine. A plate close to perfection and a dietician's dream.
That is not my case. I am not truly eating badly but, to tell you the truth, I would rather eat what I feel like eating and do more work outs rather than eating seeds alone for dinner.
I would love to find sufficiency in what is "fine" to eat but I just don't. however,there is one trick which seems to work for me and with any type of food there is. No matter how healthy, greasy or sugary food is; if you have a routine, you will end up more to be fit.
I tend to always eat the same type of things. Let me walk you through my typical eating habits.
There are mornings when 2 cups of coffee or tea do the trick. Some others, I add a whole grains pop tart to it, especially if I have to work a lot at my desk and on my computer. It helps me going longer.

A sandwich, bagel or soup. No matter what, that is the moment when I need bread.

A meat (whether white or red) with rice, pasta or vegetables.

Tea and one or two biscuits or a piece of cake, if I made one.

If at one moment during the day, I happen to be hungry, I won't stop myself as my body and brain mainly does not respond so well to low sugar. But this, here, is the truth about what I eat.

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