mardi 14 octobre 2014

FASHION: Making My Halloween Costume

I was supposed to dress up for my job and without going too much into the details, I didn't find many things on the Internet and it had to be not too scary and the make up, though I feel like it was quite a lot of it had to stay "basic" or as basic as possible. The two reasons for this was that I work with young kids and that I have had to take a lot of public transportations to go there.
Hallowe'en isn't much of a big deal in France and even if it were, I was dressed up on 15th of october which is really too early in the month for it.
For the make up, I simply applied a dégradé of greens from the eyelid up to a strong brow. I also used masking tape from the corner of my eye to the tip of my brow to trace a sharp finishing line.
For the fun part, I got a cheap playsuit from Forever 21 and a scarf which I sawed together and that is what came out. I also added some nail polish drawing and felted figures.

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