mercredi 1 octobre 2014

BLOG: Running Around... for no reason

When the "back-to-school" start, it is also often a "back to work" time of the year for grown-ups.
It makes us just as stressed out as much as childer if not even more.
If you manage to control everything than you feel better.
However,without advising you to be messy, do always leave a margin of error so that you don't panic at the first time of change.
What I can say is that the more I advance in life the cooler and calmer I get.

One thing for sure I experienced it myself: stopping yoga is the stupidest thing you could do especially if you have had a good routine with it. During the month of June, it was the least of my worries. July and August were tuff months and in a place where it was difficult to find a moment for myself and a plane surface. Lastly, this September month was all about a new job and training and working for it which maid my blog sporadic and everything was stressing me out to the biggest extend. This upcoming week is when everything HAS TO go back to normal and it will.

Productivity and organisation does do a hell of a lot against stress, in my case at least.

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