mercredi 15 octobre 2014

BLOG: Life is a Stage

Living with me has to be a challenge. I am very impressed by the ones who did manage to do so. Quite obviously, I really would rather be always happy and joyful all of the time but that simply isn't the case. 
However, it is easier to get tricks to enjoy life more and to have fun rather than over-think and being dreary. You need you moments of sadness like everyone does but when you are happy you keep on being happy. The major factor within writing a daily blog is that no matter what days will be better than others and somehow, I am happy about that.
When you read a blog all about how amazing life is and fun the world seems, you feel a little out of place and deceived. Simply because it doesn't ressemble your life.
Breathing and posture are very significant when it comes to your well-being and good health. It has been even more pointed out when people started to do yoga. 
Dupe yourself by smiling all the time and thinking happy thoughts. Convincing yourself is the start to actually to be happy.

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