mardi 7 octobre 2014

BEAUTY: Lip Balm for Colder Days

New treats for my lips as the cold is coming back.
This is a very rich and nice lip butter.
The scent is different from what you normally get
but the rose with the berries really is feminine and succulent.
Mixa lip balm's scent is by far my favourite.
I like this one better than the original one (with the orange/salmon packaging)
because of the tiny shimmer within the nourishing balm.
Yes, they remind me of Maybelline's Baybylips.
But I love the packaging!
They don't really have a particular scent except a classic cosmetics one.
On the other hand, though you need to layer it
there is quite a color payoff.
This one gives a strong plum shade.
This last one is a lovely red tint.
It look very sweet and fresh.

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