lundi 13 octobre 2014

BEAUTY: Feel Unique Order

As usual, the package its sweet time to arrive at my door. However, I am so pleased with what I received that it really made my day.
I love this make up case. Both the eyes and the colors are perfect.
I put it onto my night stand. The scent is very fresh
and girly. The texture is very rich.
To me, it feels like it is in between
a classic body lotion and body butter.
But it gets into your skin very fast.
This is more of a spring kind of candle.
It smells fresh and clean just like the body lotion.
I felt like getting some extra brushes especially considering that except for
one set of Real Technic brushes and two sets from Forever 21,
I only have the brushes I got with palettes.
First of all, they really look nice.
The fact that they are small isn't a problem to me.
They are very soft and easy to use for many things.
The only low point would be that the biggest of the brushes is still
a little too small for foundation.
My first Lip gloss that bold in color.
I still love the texture and scent but I won't be able
to apply it as casually as I did with Picnic In The Park or Afternoon Tea.
Vampire Kiss is a rich cold red.
New York Night is the same quality as the other Tanya Burr's nail polishes.
They last 3 days completely intact on my nails,
considering I wash my hands a lot and do the dishes, clean up and craft.
This one is perfect for Fall as it is a classy deep plum tint.
I have got more hair now and I just love to curl them.
For now, it seems to work well but I will give you feed back with time.

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