lundi 15 septembre 2014

FRAGRANCE: Classique Intense by Jean-Paul Gaultier

I already talked to you about Gaultier many times. His way of making perfumes works for me and he also tends to create fragrances which are quite classic.White flowers in the air. I would say this perfume is very much for women wh like holidays scent though the vanilla and patchouli in the base notes make it fairly warm.
    The issue I havs had with wearing Classique ( the original fragrance) was that it is a scent made for mature women. It is entirely my own opinion and you should not feel offended if you are young and wearing this perfume. I am more of a bubbly and sweet fragrances oriented woman.
    I would recommend this scent because it is timeless. Just the same, you can wear it anytime of the year because of the monoi and vanilla. One being an obvious summer scent and the other being very present around Christmas time.

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