mercredi 3 septembre 2014

BLOG: Where You Are From

   One of the first thing you learn when you start to work is that there is an entire world out there of people who did not study and who in time, managed to go higher than you shall ever be.
Today's reflection is on education.

   I was talking with a bunch of friends and the subject was roaming around how we were as kids at school, high school and college... I did not precise where I was coming from but somehow the teachers and professors present knew very fast. As I already said I not the type of person to talk about politics. But somehow, the subject in hand is going to make me talk about it. We are all different hen it comes to education. We mostly all start by learning from the books. Some of us enjoy them and continue reading until they have to switch library as they finished all of the ones they can offer. The others need to be interested. Need a use behind the meaning.

   I should not say one is brighter than the other but what is certain is that one is going to get a job and do things in life faster than the other. As I took the path of the books, I obviously feel like I should have done otherwise. You tell me in the comment section what you think is the way to go and why.

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