vendredi 22 août 2014


When you grew up in France, you know about historical dramas at the movies.
At least from my parents to my own youth, it was what all the fuss was about. Some great french actor of the 60's almost always had to participate in those and as soon as it was about kings and queens, the crowd was pleased.
Ridicule, however, takes over a very well known gendre but decides to go with another perspective.
The story is a tale about society and the ways at the time rather then an entertaining no brainer. I am not saying it is an artsy movie which could only please a certain type of person but that it makes you reflect onto how hard and vicious people had to be with one another and out of any type of rumors to stay close to power and the king.
The texts are of a rare quality and, though the subject is anything but amusing, the film is field with very smart little things and humor.

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