vendredi 8 août 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Pulp Fiction

What makes Pulp Fiction a classic?
Awesome lines?

A little bit of all of that.
The story, I wouldn't want to sum up because this movie is being built around a kaleidoscopic effect.
The beginning is not really the end and the end not exactly the beginning. 
If you are not very into violence though I think it might be a little bit too gun oriented. 
If you don't like crude language much, it might also be wise to pass by this movie too.

If you are not concerned by the recommendations stated above than run and see it.
It is a fun twisted movie telling the stories of many characters not exactly linked to begin with and end up all being within the same storyline anyhow.

And as a comment to this article I would love for you to tell me what you think is in the mallet.

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